A radical shift in housing policy is needed to create Good Homes for every generation through a dramatic expansion of both social rented homes and home ownership.

This is set out in a ground-breaking report from the Housing & Finance Institute and major housing association, Radian, A Time for Good Homes, which exposes the severe harm to family and financial stability caused by the huge expansion in private renting over the last 15 years, affecting around 6 million people.

The Good Homes paper sets out a ten point plan to reverse the damage caused by the explosion in private renting and to make sure that millions more people can access an affordable, stable home that supports job mobility and creates a springboard for opportunity.

The HFi and leading housing association Radian have collaborated to produce a ground-breaking report to set out the Four Pillars that underpins a Good Home.

They are:

Stability: a place to live in, in which to feel stable and secure.

Flexibility: choices in how and where a person lives, in getting a different or better job or skills.

Affordability: somewhere that is affordable at every stage of life and that enables savings. Supporting those most in need.

Opportunity: a springboard for improved life chances.

The report explains that a flagship Government policy, the expansion of the private rented sector, has exacerbated the bad housing crisis. They warn that the Government's recently announced new three-year tenancy plans may not help much either.

The paper is instead calling for the £44 billion housing budget to be re-prioritised away from the private rented sector and in favour of delivering a larger, more flexible social rented sector together with radical new proposals for expanding home ownership.

Everyone in every generation should have access to a Good Home. A Good Home is one that promotes stability, flexibility, affordability and opportunity for all. Stability, Flexibility, Affordability and Opportunity for all are the four fundamental pillars of a Good Home.

Read the report, A Time For Good Homes, and take a look at our 10 point plan to make sure that everyone in every generation has access to a Good Home.

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