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A Quick Guide to the Green Belt


This is a quick guide to the green belt.

The guide started its life from a question that the institute was asked by a council: is the green belt forever, even if it no longer serves its purpose?

The green belt is an emotional as well as a highly technical topic. Like all such emotional and technical areas, the subject matter can be easily misunderstood or misrepresented.

So we have produced a guide that is practical and accessible. This guide helps to explain the principles and actions that are occurring across the country with land set aside as green belt, as well as addressing common misunderstandings.

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Financing approaches and mechanisms 

which councils have used to increase housebuilding P4 - Tool



In estate regeneration and in their role as Housing Delivery Enablers, councils have an array of options to support housebuilding, create value and make schemes happen. Across the country councils have worked creatively and proactively with their skills and resources to bring forward housebuilding, community building and successful regeneration.

In our work at the Housing & Finance Institute, we have brought together some of the best of these intervention and value creation techniques to help councils – and housebuilders, regeneration experts and housing associations – build the homes and communities which our country needs.

This resource was launched alongside the Government's National Estate Regeneration Strategy and is referenced in it. It has application for the role of councils more widely and to help businesses understand what sort of options to work together may be achievable.

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Turning the Tide - Case Studies


This resource shares the success that other councils have achieved. 

In the HFi's 'Turning the Tide' research paper, we found many examples of local councils doing excellent work in housing to prevent depravation in coastal towns. 

It consists of four case studies - Thanet, Blackpool, Hastings and Tendring. 

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Driving Planning Permissions into Housing Delivery - P12 Tool

This tool has been developed to assist with monitoring delivery in order to drive housing success. 
The concept behind this tool is simple, and it is easy to create, however, despite its simplicity and value, far too many councils do not have such a tool in place.

It is an excel spreadsheet illustrating how councils can allocate responsibility to specific officers and ensure the monitoring and driving of delivery. Councils can copy the format of this document – tailoring as necessary – and input their own information into the document. Once the relevant information is inputted, the council will have a simple, easy to use document, allocating responsibility and creating an overall picture of site developments in the council area.

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Housing Business Ready Presentation Precedent - P19 Tool

This resource helps councils create the best possible presentation to show that they are Housing Business Ready. 

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