The Housing & Finance Institute researches on a board range of housing and finance related matters, including on budget matters and through our business market sentiment work. Our research and publications respond to issues arising in the marketplace, business and local government.

The HFi research papers have been extensively covered in the national and trade press.


Publications have included the following:

25 FEB 2016

Financing approaches and mechanisms which councils have used to increase house building

In estate regeneration and in their role as Housing Delivery Enablers, councils have an array of options to support housebuilding, create value and make schemes happen. Across the country councils have worked creatively and proactively with their skills and resources to bring forward housebuilding, community building and successful regeneration.

In our work at the Housing & Finance Institute, we have brought together some of the best of these intervention and value creation techniques to help councils – and housebuilders, regeneration experts and housing associations – build the homes and communities which our country needs.

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