The Housing & Finance Institute researches on a board range of housing and finance related matters, including on budget matters and through our business market sentiment work. Our research and publications respond to issues arising in the marketplace, business and local government.

The HFi research papers have been extensively covered in the national and trade press.


Publications have included the following:

21 NOV 2017

A Quick Guide to the Autumn Budget 2017

This is a quick guide to the 2017 Autumn Budget.

Housing is set to dominate the 2017 Autumn Budget. Yet there is more than one type of budget where housing can be key. In this paper we have identified six budget areas and we will be looking at the balance of policy and financial measures within each of these:

  • The Big Build Budget 
  • Next Generation Budget
  • Industrial Strategy & Growth Budget
  • Brexit Budget
  • 'steady as she goes' Budget
  • 'Care & Repair' Budget

Click here for the quick guide to the Autumn Budget 2017

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