We Choose to Build

“In this Spending Review, we choose to build: Above all, we choose to build the homes that people can buy.”

Today, the Chancellor laid out plans to double the housing budget in what he described as the “most ambitious housebuilding agenda since the 1970s” with £20bn investment in housing over the Spending Review period.

The Blue Book is clear that “the scale of this programme of house building will require all sectors to play a role in delivery.”

This is in tune with what we have been seeing at the HFi, in the changing roles of the traditional supply chain providers and innovative public-private sector partnerships which are being formed to meet the country’s housing need.

Do you choose housing meme

At the HFi we work to support councils in their housing strategy with our Housing Business programmes and engage with businesses to promote partnership opportunities. If you would like to do more with your housing delivery, please get in touch with or to hear more.