BOOSTING THE BOROUGHS: A devolution revolution to build the homes London needs

As London elects a new Mayor in 2016, housing is set to be a centrepiece of the next London Mayoral term. Or is it?
This new research from the Housing & Finance Institute explores the diversity of London’s housing Boroughs and recommends:

• Full Housing Devolution to the Boroughs: Full direct devolution of housing to the London Boroughs should allow Boroughs to reflect housing diversity across the capital and unlock better housing outcomes.
• Housing Delivery Enablers: A strengthening of the role of the Borough as the Housing Delivery Enabler would drive housing activity to meet local housing needs. Boroughs should be freed up to work with other Boroughs and Councils outside London in order to best address the needs and aspirations of their communities, including investing in other areas.
• Eliminating the Deficit, in homes: There should be no Borough with more families and people to house than it has homes to house them. Funding, resources and active support should be provided to every such Borough at a national rather than Mayoral level. It is a realistic ambition to eliminate the Dwellings Deficit. Within 5 years, every Borough should have enough homes for the people who live there.

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