09 NOV 2017

Affordable Housing Statistics

On 9 November 2017, the Government released the latest Additional Affordable Housing Supply statistics.

For statistical purposes 'Affordable Housing' has a technical meaning that may be different from the everyday or policy meaning of the term.

The technical use of 'Affordable Housing' takes its reference from the National Planning Policy Framework definition.

Put simply it means housing that is not met by the market and which is available to eligible groups. It does not generally include housing that in itself is 'low cost market housing' - in other words, housing that may be affordable in the more everyday sense of the word. It does not include Help to Buy. It does include shared ownership.

The provision of Affordable Housing for these purposes falls into two broad groups: affordable housing that is agreed to be provided under planning agreements and affordable housing that is provided as part of a government programme, generally the Homes & Communities Agency or the Greater London Authority. The larger part of all affordable housing other than affordable rent is provided through the first group (planning agreements, section 106/no grant agreements).

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