22 NOV 2017

A budget for housing?

The Housing & Finance Institute has prepared its pre-Budget briefing for today's Autumn Budget 2017. It is available to download here.

Housing is set to dominate the Autumn Budget, but it is not yet clear what type of Budget the Chancellor will deliver.

The Housing & Finance Institute has identified six potential budget themes - and some of the key policies to look out for in the Chancellor's statement.

Ahead of the Budget, the HFi's Chief Executive Natalie Elphicke said:

"Housing is a political hot topic. There is an opportunity to capture the public mood and deliver the housing that the public want and need. We can therefore expect housing to dominate the budget, but the tone is vitally important. This budget needs to address 'care & repair' issues for housing, such as tower block safety and homelessness, as well as simply building more homes.

"The Chancellor can choose one of six options, or a mix of them. What is clear is that this is an opportunity for the Chancellor to be radical.

The expectation is that this will be a 'something for everyone' housing budget - that could either be a crowd pleaser or fail to meet expectations.

The stakes have been raised for housing commitments to be at an all-time high at around the £50 billion mark. With more than £20 billion already committed to housing over this Parliament, it is certain that we should see significant funding commitments for housing and related infrastructure."

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