29 MAY 2018

How can Britain build more homes? - The Spectator

"Following the keynote speech, the Summit featured a panel discussion with questions from the audience, chaired by Spectator Editor Fraser Nelson.

"Deregulation was highlighted again as a solution to tackle the housing crisis. As well as Chris Carr and Clive Betts's agreement with Liz Truss on the antiquated approach to empty commercial spaces, Natalie Elphicke, CEO of the Housing and Finance Institute, emphasised the importance of up-to-date and practical legislation. She had visited a designated greenbelt area which ostensibly served the purpose of dividing two towns. But, she told the audience, she was shocked to see the greenbelt cushioning either side of the M25, which ran between the two towns. 'Isn't the M25 good enough to separate the towns?' she asked..."

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