09 NOV 2017

Coastal crisis: deprivation in Jaywick Sands - Inside Housing

"Enter the HFI. Its Turning the Tide report recommends structural changes 'to build a faster, stronger, new coastal renaissance to reverse entrenched deprivation within years rather than decades', says Natalie Elphicke, chief executive of the HFI.

These include a one-stop shop for housing renewal powers, streamlining the process whereby local authorities take action against poor quality homes. Ms Elphicke calls the suggestion 'realistic'. 'It would be cheaper and more effective for councils to lead change with a one-stop shop for housing market renewal rather than the current hotchpotch of powers'.

She would also like to see a new 'fair rents regime' applied to homes rented to Local Housing Allowance claimants, which 'allows other factors, including the quality of the property, to be taken into account when setting the rent'."

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