How Mapping Major Infrastructure Dependencies can accelerate delivery

The Housing & Finance Institute (The HFi) have released a new report, How to Build More Homes Faster, assessing how to accelerate build out rates across the country.

A recommendation of the report is for Major Infrastructure Dependencies Mapping. It is usual practice for some larger sites to be planned and announced for delivery when such sites are dependent on major infrastructure such as road junctions, road upgrades, and bridge strengthening. The result of this is local communities expecting thousands of homes to appear, when in reality they could take significantly longer, whilst builders secure the major infrastructure they need for development. The expectation of communities can also have other consequences, such as strengthening opposition to any more sites coming forward.

The HFi Report suggests Major Infrastructure Dependencies Mapping may be a solution to ensure that major sites dependent on infrastructure have secured the funding they need to deliver to their full housing potential, and in a timely manner. The build out profile and dependencies for major schemes, should be clearly articulated from the outset and captured by Councils and Local Enterprise Partnerships. The Major Infrastructure Dependencies Mapping approach could ensure that funds are prioritised which will have the greatest impact in bringing forward housing most quickly.

Major Infrastructure Dependencies Mapping helps to ensure that sites are able to fulfil their full housing potential. It could function as a problem solving mechanism, to help businesses and public bodies to work together and ensure there are no unnecessary delays for houses being built.

The HFi can help: The HFi can help to structure Major Infrastructure Dependencies Mapping capability at LEP or council area. Please get in touch with or to discuss how we can work with you to Build More Homes, Faster.

You can read the new HFI’s latest report, How to Build More Homes, Faster here.