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HFi launch Housing Business Ready Work-Book

The Housing & Finance Institute are celebrating our first anniversary with the launch of our new Housing Business Ready Work-Book: A Guide to Shaping Up Municipal Muscle for Housing Delivery.  book-front-cover-picture

It has been a fantastic first year of operations, which has been demonstrated by the success that our HBR Councils, industry and business partners have had across the country. Over the course of the last year, we have worked with over 30 councils, offering advice and support so that they can actively translate their housing ambitions into practical success on the ground. There is still a lot more to be done to reach the government’s target of one million new homes by 2020. By continuing to bring our expertise and skills together – we can create the environment for even more success for housing, growth and sustainability in the future.

To celebrate the first anniversary of our flagship Housing Business Ready programme, the Housing & Finance Institute has released an expanded and updated Housing Business Ready Work-Book. The practical Work-Book is aimed at council leaders, chief executives, officers and businesses alike. It is designed to help you or your Council to: 

* Assess your Housing Business Ready culture

* Identify the reasons for your goals and ambitions

* Improve residents’ housing choices

* Consider what impact your work can make to your community

* Reach a better understanding of your local housing market and participants

* Try new ways to better achieve housing outcomes for you and your local community

To find out more information about this Housing Business Ready Work-Book or to book your Housing Business Ready place, please contact Natalie Elphicke, Chief Executive at 

Are you Housing Business Ready