HFi Celebrate Breakfast: The Future is Off-Site

Around 100 people – leaders of local government, housing businesses and finance – assembled to share stories of success and ideas on continued acceleration of housebuilding. Many present identified advanced manufacturing and offsite construction – both as it exists now and the culture of continuous improvement – as the most exciting evolution for housing delivery. These methods also help to overcome skills availability challenges, so as to speed up building and reach higher output targets overall.

There are high hopes for advanced manufacturing with estimates that it could be worth £6 billion to the UK economy. Government funding of £1 billion for large development projects are providing opportunities for a scaling up of the best practice learnt during ongoing cross-sectorial research projects. The fruits of this 21st century renaissance in modular construction research and development can be seen across Britain, being used in the construction of communities that are beautiful, affordable and sustainable.

Off-site construction lies in the intersection between design, construction, engineering and manufacturing. The resulting transformation of traditional home building processes is leading to an acceleration in ambition for building homes. This culture of collaboration between disciplines could be seen at ‘Celebrate’ as attendees from different sectors discussed how this ever improving field could be harnessed to build more homes, faster.

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