Budget 2016: Working Together to Help Release Council Land

The Chancellor announced today new measures for collaborative working to help release council land for 160,000 homes or more.

The 2016 Budget states:

• for the first time ever Local Authorities are collaborating with central government on a local government land ambition, working with their partners to release land with the capacity for at least 160,000 homes, helping to support the government’s policy on estates regeneration
• the Homes and Communities Agency will work in partnership with Network Rail and local authorities to provide land around stations for housing, commercial development and regeneration. The government will set out shortly which sites will take part in the scheme

Our most recent report – How to Build More Homes, Faster 2016 – which set out practical solutions to accelerate delivery, called for collaboration between:

‘Councils and the LGA and others for the release of all public land, including helping Councils with the tools to understand the potential benefits of identifying and releasing their own land’

Our specially designed Housing Business Ready programme supports councils who are establishing a housebuilding culture and identifying fresh opportunities for accelerated housing development. Part of this work is unlocking opportunities in using council’s own land in innovative ways to create long-term investment returns and to keep up the pace of delivery. If you would like to find our more please email or