What does the general election herald for the role of councils in building homes?


Whoever wins government on 8 June 2017, councils will continue to have a central role to play in building the homes the country needs – working with the construction, development, housing associations, property management, finance and investment industries.

At the Housing & Finance Institute our specialist team works to increase the speed and number of new homes financed, built and managed across the UK. We do this in a number of ways including through our flagship Housing Business Ready programme which is designed to support better working across the public and private sectors to:

⦁ Assess ability to transact

⦁ Assess available resources

⦁ Assess appetite to do more

⦁ Identify site opportunities

⦁ Understand what is needed

⦁ Clarify where the priorities are

⦁ Consider what the local market already provides

⦁ Consider additional opportunities

To help Build More Homes, Faster to find out more or book your Housing Business Ready place, e-mail:

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