Research Highlights 2016: Conference Special Edition


The HFi have released a Research Highlights 2016: Conference Special Edition which is a compilation of all our research and commentary work over the last year. It addresses key housing and infrastructure questions such as:

How do we build more homes, faster?
Does London have capacity to build a million homes?
How could boosting the boroughs help London to build more homes?
Are the water companies holding up housebuilding?
Who has the best track record for housing: the London-metropolitan areas or regional local councils?
What is the housing legacy of the Cameron-Osborne government?
What are the big challenges for the May government?
Does the planning system need further change?
Are a million homes even possible?
Could we use infrastructure money better to make sure it supports faster housebuilding?
Should housebuilders have to agree minimum rates of build out where they receive infrastructure or financial support?
Do local councils really make a difference in driving housing delivery?
Has big Devo and the super Mayors been shown to deliver more housing, or is it time to try Devo for Districts, putting greater flexibility with money and powers wherever councils are getting results?
What to do about the levy? Should regional local councils be allowed to keep
the levy and sales receipts if they are delivering new homes?

You can download a copy of our Conference Special Edition here.